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Descente de la Loire en canoe

There’s nothing better than hopping into a canoe to discover the secret life of the wild gorges of the Loire.  Canoeing is the best way to get a feel for the river and opens the door to a rich heritage: sandy beaches, the first castles of the Loire, basaltic cliffs, wild birds…

Keep your eyes peeled.  Nature is full of surprises! (The Gorges de la Loire area is a Natura 2000 site, protected for the number and variety of its wild birds).


In summer (from mid-May to September), canoeing down the Loire is easy.
Professionals offer circuits for all levels, with or without a guide.

Confirmed sports enthusiasts will enjoy the Loire sauvage and its tributaries from October to April during the rainy season or when the snow melts.

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List of canoeing professionals



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Period of navigation from April 1st till October 14th including
The river is a living, changing environment and developments are taking place constantly.  It is advisable to consult professionals about water levels and rate of flow before venturing onto the
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